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You have all seen 794 interviews done here in all your emotions. But you never had the opportunity for a band to say in a few minutes, what a band can say or comment on their work and perspectives.Your luck has just changed, dear reader.
Start now,the first season of the timely structure.What would that be? I answer for you. Now, you will have the chance to follow in all your emotions. What a band thinks in very little time and with answers as fast as possible.The name, we gave is Storm Structures.That will happen on a regime of seasons, because we have a lot of perspectives that will become something permanent on the site. For that, we have the two initial interviews or pilots.

This presentation of the new page structure has been dated.
Come on, the First Interview of this page of the site. The First Interview of this Structure Stormy,We talking with Slovenian Band Morost.They show for us your second album entitled Forged Entropy.The band have this formation:Jonas Savsek On Vocal,Blaz Zupan and Peter Frol on Guitars,Blaz Maligoj on Bass and Jan Dobre on Drums.Jan have a nickname and this nickname is Volkun.For this,we doing this work with Volkun or Jan.Let ´s start with a song.

Estrutura Tempestiva 1:What’s the difference between lyrical and sound in Solace In Solitude and now in Forged Entropy ?

Volkun:Sound is more important, so we will start with that. We have all progressed some in 6 years, we trimmed the buttons, bought expensive cymbals and the vocals are gaining on dynamics. Band members are evolving and every new person contributes his own color to the bigger picture. The fact that we spent more money on studios is just a smaller factor at the end. As for lyrics on Solace in Solitude, they are all written by Tomaž Kogovšek in his unique form. He contributed text for songs in Forged Entropy as well and we tried to copy his style in other songs. Can you tell the difference? Each member has its own style as an individual I think.

Estrutura Tempestiva 2:It was purposeful that the song that baptizes the first album would only come to us only on the second album?

Volkun:Not many people notice that, so I guess we feel recognised when someone does. But the fact is that the song titled Solace in Solitude, released on the second album, is the very first song which was written in the band’s rehearsal room.

Estrutura Tempestiva 3:Of course, putting ex members to help with this new job is important. But what songs did they participate in this new job effectively ?

Volkun:As said before, the first song the band wrote was Solace In Solitude and is released on the second album. We made The Conundrum, Protector of Sanity and great parts of Beg then the lineup changed. Especially drums made a big factor in the final drug.

Estrutura Tempestiva 4:The fact that introspection is a key point of the band gives a difference to what we see naturally in extreme metal ?

Volkun:I think that our subject is not new or different, but naturally just personally unique. Introspection is the source of all great art. Everything else is very likely to be a shadow or imitation.

Estrutura Tempestiva 5:The band says they have a little bit of black metal in this band. What we really managed to see as well. This is due to their own influences before they were musicians or not ?

Volkun:I personally understand that we are all influenced at an early age, more than we can evolve personally after we grow up. For me black metal is just one part of nature that I like to see.

TC 6:What´s the bands influence ours ?

Volkun:We create music as sort of a haven for ourselves and like-minded. The place where incompatibility with society is not persecuted but rather cherished. The place where humbleness against the forces of nature is a valor.

Estrutura Tempestiva 7:-The name of the album is very interesting. It could indicate that some of the members of the band work with physics when they don’t play?

Volkun:The member who titled the album works in healthcare. Inspiration came more from the philosophical background rather than physical. But still we can’t deny the physics in everything.

Estrutura Tempestiva 8:Most bands don’t like to fit in bubbles. But the fact that the band claims to make slower death metal indicates that it is not 100% true that the band plays progressive death metal?

Volkun:I think you can also find a progressive doom metal riff on our album. It is safe to say that we are not black metal until we burn a church and kill a sheep, but as for prog standards I think it is not that precisely written. We just try not to be the same as bands from the 90s, but still beat the best of them, by wisely combining different styles.

Estrutura Tempestiva 9:How come the band arrive On Parole Productions?

Volkun:We did all the right things on our home scene first.

Estrutura Tempestiva 10:Which subject would never deserve a song for Morost?

Volkun:The Bob Marley sunshine and rainbow subjects, although the dude was fine.

The Second Storm Structure was made with the band from Serbia Bulletproof and they show for us your debut album entitled Bite Down Hard.The band have this formation:Nemanja Stojanovic on Guitar, Vocal Aleksandar Vucetic on Bass and Nemanja Tomicevic on Drums.Let ´s start with this short but awsome interview.

Estrutura Tempestiva 1:It ´s more easy or more pratical a band like a powertrio?

Bulletproof:Its all but an easy task to be in powertrio. Practical it is in some ways,Its easier to set up the sound on the gig,always fuller and fatter sound than when is more instruments in a band,clarity too.I always appreciate when a band come with a three members cause in the most cases it can be something outstanding. In these types of bands you gotta give all of your guts,passion and emotions alongside with creativity.When you play you play your heart out.As a singer and guitar player its a bit tricky dont wanna say hard to get a motor running.

Estrutura Tempestiva 2:What themes involve Bite Down Hard?

Bulletproof:”Bite down hard” involves the most of personal life themes but with the focus on women, partying hard and having a good time. Something that brings the light to life like in good all times we used to have.

Estrutura Tempestiva 3:We usually say seven years of bad luck and not in hell.But, due to the current chaos, can we say that the band wanted to make this word game interesting?

Bulletproof:No no,it has nothing up to the current world’s situation.It is my personal breakdown,bad luck for sure.Period of time,7 years, that i spent with a certain girl in a relationship.A hell of a ride.Tittle says it all.

Estrutura Tempestiva 4:Let the band be clear that this was just an impression that may be true or not, not least because the band made the song. The eighth song gives me the impression of a certain approach to Led Zepellin.Was that right or not or not necessarily?

Bulletproof:Hum,it hits everyone on a different way. Have heard a lot of various thoughts about it but never aimed for that kind of approach.

Estrutura Tempestiva 5:What´s the band mean with Purest Hard Rocking?

Bulletproof:We meant under that a pure classic hard rock riffing with a solid drumming and a heavy bass lines and on top of the cake soar throath/screaming vocals.Nothing more nothing less. Just followed a road of a great masters of rock.

Estrutura Tempestiva 6:Is the idea of the album cover a very hot killer, but very nervous about your work?

Bulletproof:Something like that ahaha.If she can handle a bullet she can handle us too.

Estrutura Tempestiva 7:-How is Bulletproof different from your previous bands?

Bulletproof:In my other bands i was always a lead guitarist and nothing more.But in Bulletproof i am the boss and a singer too.

Estrutura Tempestiva 8:Which subject would never deserve a song for Bulletproof?

Bulletproof:Drugs,violence,depression and racism.It would never find a place in our songs.

Estrutura Tempestiva 9:You make me rock is a beautiful and exciting song. Besides playing the song, what makes you rock?

Bulletproof:Oh,thank you! Generally its the women but when im alone its bike and a long road ahead.

Estrutura Tempestiva 10:What are your influences on Hard Rock?

Bulletproof:We in band have very similar tastes in music.We wanted to put up together 70s classic hard rock with 80s hair and sleaze stuff.I think Bulletproof is a bastard child of Cinderella,Rhino Bucket and AC DC ahahah So you can see direct influences through that.

Estrutura Tempestiva 11:Message to the fans,guys.the interview is over

Bulletproof:I hope one day to see you out there in front of our stage in Brasil and South America cause the rest of the world knows that in your country and in countries around you floats and emits the greatest energy on a planet when any band plays.We gonna win in this pandemic chaos im sure about that.Stay strong and fill your life cell with a good music.

Soon, structures of new short storms. But, without a doubt, this page of the site will not be aborted. It just closes its first part. But, we are still under the first season.

Felipe Abreu-Ceo Of Conservate Storm





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